Our Responsibility

As a growing textile company, VCA Textil is aware of its growing economic and social responsibility to his employees, suppliers, producers and customers.

In this context, VCA Textil is also absolutely convinced of the corporate commitment to the international production companies and takes care of this responsibility.

The manufacture of products by and for VCA Textil is carried out in companies that operate and work predominantly in accordance with internationally recognized and verifiable social standards.

The highest endeavor is that the products are not only ecologically very good and meet the qualitative requirements, but are also produced in the partner companies according to precisely defined social standards. In order to ensure these social standards, the production is therefore carried out by a manageable number of production partners in Asia and Europe, with whom there is a close and very trusting cooperation.



The VCA Textile Management is present at the production sites at regular intervals to personally check the production conditions. With nearly exclusive direct import of products and a well-defined supply chain, local presence in manufacturing operations, but also responsible and lasting relationships with carefully selected partners, VCA Textil ensures that social standards and human working conditions are clearly defined.



From its partner companies, VCA Textil consistently demands general compliance with globally valid, respected and binding social standards. Most of the production volume is produced in factories that have BSCI and / or SEDEX certification.


BSCI and SEDEX include, in addition to occupational health and safety measures, in particular the regulation of working hours, adequate wage, decent working conditions, the provision of health and social services and the clear prohibition of any form of children work, forced work or discrimination. Compliance with these social standards is monitored and audited at regular intervals by independent testing institutes.



As a manufacturer of products that are worn directly on the skin, protecting consumers is as important to us as complying with social standards.

In doing so, we are actively meeting the demands and requirements of our customers as well as those of end users for textiles tested for harmful substances. In order to meet these requirements and requirements, a big part of our products are manufactured according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100.


The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is a globally standardized, independent test and control system. Certification system for textile raw materials, intermediates and end products of all processing stages as well as used accessory materials. Certification is uniformly carried out by the independent OEKO-TEX® institutes.

The world's best-known and most widely used label identifies the products for harmful substance-tested textiles and thus documents the product's responsibility to protect the consumer.